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A Season of Joy by TarmaHartley
Edgeworth And Phoenix Art
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Phoenix Wright- Wedding day by StudioKawaii Phoenix Wright- Wedding day :iconstudiokawaii:StudioKawaii 949 363 Phoenix Wright- MilesxPhoenix by StudioKawaii Phoenix Wright- MilesxPhoenix :iconstudiokawaii:StudioKawaii 1,764 497 by xCheckmate :iconxcheckmate:xCheckmate 32 35 Lawyer Love by kopiikat
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Lawyer Love :iconkopiikat:kopiikat 64 22
__All_I_need_is_you__ by xCheckmate __All_I_need_is_you__ :iconxcheckmate:xCheckmate 215 69 Cover Art by 6gunSally Cover Art :icon6gunsally:6gunSally 16 3 College!au by Izzymatic College!au :iconizzymatic:Izzymatic 67 9 MisterMidshipmanWright by 6gunSally MisterMidshipmanWright :icon6gunsally:6gunSally 58 9 Miles x Phoenix- updated by StudioKawaii Miles x Phoenix- updated :iconstudiokawaii:StudioKawaii 388 57 Pheonix Edgeworth Tired Hobo by uberchicken Pheonix Edgeworth Tired Hobo :iconuberchicken:uberchicken 70 42
A Long December
December 6th, 2002
Tap. Tap. Tap.
Little Miles Edgeworth rarely let his imagination wander very far. So, when he heard the tapping on his window, the hairs on his neck rose. He sat up from his position on his bed and turned to look at his window. The maroon drapes that hung in front of his balcony window were open slightly, but not enough for him to see outside. He cocked his head to listen for the tapping. He sighed and shook his head and turned back to reading 'The Raven'.
Tap. Tap. Tap.
Miles practically jumped out of his skin when he heard his name. He swallowed hard, and thought his heart was going to burst out of his chest. He stared hard at the window again, willing the rushing blood in his head to quiet down so he could hear the tapping, or the voice again.
"Miles, are you in there? Open up!"
Mile's breath caught in his throat and he whimpered a little as he threw his little legs over the side of the bed and walked over the window. He held out a sh
:iconisis1975:Isis1975 8 5
Snuggletime by kopiikat Snuggletime :iconkopiikat:kopiikat 52 25 Let me in by Izzymatic Let me in :iconizzymatic:Izzymatic 12 5
Miles Edgeworth, Nemo
My name is
I am
I live alone
In the dark shadows
Wanting to venture into
The Sunlight
Imprisoned in the
I have no friends
I have no family
I have nothing
But Pain
         Bitter Wormwood.

I am someone who lives
With my pain
With my past
 With my memories
  With my ghosts
   With time gone by
     With blood on my hands.
I cry out from the darkness
Pleading for someone
To please
     HELP ME!
My father dead
My mentor a murderer
I am Nemo
The Nothing
The No one
The Nobody.
The Body without a Soul
The Mind without a Spirit
The heart without the love
And tender affection.
I live in the Darkness
Alone, villified, wandering
Nothing can comfort me
All men are against me
My heart is cold but yet
My name is
I am
Ceterus Paribis
Ceterus Paribis
ceteris Paribus
:icontarmahartley:TarmaHartley 6 1
Greetings! This is your benevolent dictator speaking... *Starts snickering immediately after typing this and then cracks up laughing* I've always wanted to say that but I couldn't keep a straight face very long! *sigh* I guess Evil Overlord really isn't in my future. :D

Seriously though, willkommen [welcome] all! :) It's wonderful to see our membership growing; I'm very happy seeing some familiar faces and some new ones, too. I hope that you enjoy your stay and have fun in our little Undead world here.

For those who don't know who I am, permit me to introduce myself. My name is Tarma Hartley and I'm a yaoi fanfiction writer. [I've written one yuri fic but 99.9% of what I write is yaoi. I've also written one crackfic pairing Marvin Grossberg x Miles Edgeworth. It was fun writing that fic and I remain forever indebted to PhoenixFlame53 for the 10 Character Meme that inspired it! :) ]

My favourite ships: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright x Miles Edgeworth.
Sherlock: Sherlock Holmes x John Watson and Mycroft Holmes x Gregory Lestrade.  
Midnight Hunters: Klauss x Castor [Manga by Pandapon Studios. Check it out! It's AWESOME! The Soul Chaser by StudioKawaii is also AWESOME!]

I'm also a rabid reader; I love History;  I love yaoi; baking/cooking; the NFL/CFL/NASCAR. My favourite kinds of music are 80's, classical, soft and hard rock, pop, techno and J-Pop, to name a few.

I love video games and horror games, too. I've been playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney since 2006 and have played all of the first three AA games-the first and third games multiple times-and I'm currently playing Dual Destinies, working my way through Case 4. I have yet to play Apollo Justice but my husband played it and I watched as he did. I did promise I would play it at some point and I will eventually.

Miles Edgeworth is my favourite PW character, Phoenix my second favourite; PxE is my OTP and I've been writing PxE fanfiction since 2007.

In personality, I'm a pretty easy person to get along with since I'm really a big kid in a forty-five year old's skin with a pretty odd, off-the-wall sense of humour. I'm married and will celebrate fifteen years of wedded bliss with my husband, DezoPenguin, at the end of July this year which we are both looking very eagerly forward to. The Co-Founders are Chel-Bells and Isis1975, two really terrific, amazing people and trusted friends.

I've been on other sites: I'm on LiveJournal and Y!gallery as TarmaHartley and on Court-Records as EdgeworthFanGirl or EFG, for short. :D I haven't been on CR for quite some time and I don't go on the other two sites very often although I do drop in from time to time.

I'm pleased to see people joining and I hope that more will come to join us. If there is someone you know who likes PxE, feel free to pass this on to them. Also, I've decided to allow non-Vampire!PxE art and fanfiction although the main focus, and purpose, will remain the same.

If any problems or concerns crop up, please let me or the Co-Founders know.

Anyway, I hope that everyone has a great day! I now return you to your regularly scheduled reality... :D

Take care! :)
Willkommen! Welcome to Blood-Dreams! A place for Vampire!PxE and all who enjoy this genre. :)

I hope that all who come here will have fun and enjoy their favourite pairing as Vampires! (Or, if you like, only one)

This is very much a work in progress and likely to change many times so please be patient with me as I muddle through the process of figuring out how things work. :) If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

Please take a moment to read the rules and I hope that you will enjoy our little Undead world here.

Have fun! :)
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